5 Ways We Connect with Our Students During Online Lessons

Let’s face it, teaching how we knew it has changed and probably will stay changed and honestly it has been hard on everyone, the students, the teachers, and the parents.  One of the hardest things that a lot of teachers are facing is the issue with connecting directly with their students.  Since a lot of lessons have switched to online, it can be hard to have that same connection you normally get from face-to-face lessons, however, it is possible to still connect with your students, and Eric Gottlieb-Vazquez has 5 ways that he connects to his students.  Look at the list below and put your thoughts in the comments section.

Way #1: Listening Becomes Something You Both Need to Learn

As you know, when teaching music, the student must listen out for the various notes and aspects and respond accordingly.  One of the ways you can utilize this is to play a section of music and have the students clap to the rhythm pattern that they hear.

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