5 Ways to Motivate Your Kid to Practice Their Music

All parents know that no matter how excited your child is about an activity, getting them to practice is going to be a struggle, so the teachers are Eric Gottlieb-Vazquez Piano Academy have compiled 5 ways to help motivate your child to practice their musical instrument.

Tip #1: Allow Your Child to Make Some Decisions

It is not a surprise that kids do not like being told what to do.  They spend most of their lives being told what to do by multiple people and when you add music into that, well there is a possibility they will finally rebel by deciding to just not practice.  But a couple of great ways to combat that issue is to not only allow them to decide what musical instrument they want to play, but to also allow them to determine their practice schedule, which they are more likely to stick to.  A good way to put this into practice is to start at the end.  Once a child decides what they want to play, the parent should help them research how often a good musician practices, and then have them set a schedule based on that reality.  This option allows your child to feel a sense of control and to learn the value of practice.  It is also good to remember that as the parent, your job is to reinforce the schedule your child set.

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