5 Ways Socially Distanced Piano Lessons are Best

The times have changed, and it has been hard on everyone, children included.  It can be hard for adults to want to resume activities and/or keep up morale so imagine how hard it is for the kids.  The teachers at Eric Gottlieb-Vazquez Piano Academy takes the risks seriously, and therefore have made it a point to make sure our piano lessons are not only fun but still safe.  In the interest of these changing times, we would like to present to you 5 Ways Socially Distanced Piano Lessons are Best. Look at our article and let us know what you think.

Tip #1: 2 Pianos are Better Than 1

When having a socially distanced lesson it is great if there can be 2 pianos in one room.  It can double the student’s melody pitch and once students start reading music for themselves, it is easier to help them by playing it and showing them how it should sound.

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