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"Eric has a unique background combining classical studies with contemporary piano concert performance. This makes him exceptional as a teacher for his versatility. He also has the sensitivity to help each student to progress at their own pace. He knows how to provide encouragement and support in a gentle yet caring way. This is why I would recommend him as your piano teacher."

Steve Pollack

"I have known Eric G. for more than 5 years through my FETA Foundation which presented him in concert multiple times. His education and performance credits show exceptional competency in piano performance of music from various genres. While I have not experienced him in a classroom situation, I can imagine that his wealth of musical talent, knowledge and curiosity would be inspiring to the students of all levels. It is my greatest pleasure to recommend him to any student."

Juraj Kojs

"Eric is an excellent pianist all-around, with particular interest in contemporary music. His vast knowledge of musical literature is impressive and in many ways transcends musical styles. He is a serious and talented musician whose performances I have enjoyed for over five years, having had the chance to present him in concert in the context of the Subtropics Festival, which I organize. I don't know him as well as a teacher, but I can see how he would make a terrific one, both technically and as a rich musical resource. His passion for music is contagious and his enthusiasm can only be inspiring to anyone who comes in touch with him. I highly recommend Eric as a private music instructor."

Gustavo Matamoros / Founder of the SubTropics Festival
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