Classical Piano Teacher in Miami with over 25yrs Experience!

As a classical piano teacher, Eric strives to share the classics when his students take Miami adult piano classes. His extensive classical training allows him to teach many styles of classical music including Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, Eric is here to help you reach your next musical goal.

Students from ages 6 to adults are welcome. Nothing brings more joy than to share one’s music with family, friends, or audiences.


Eric Gottlieb Piano Academy believes in in-depth piano books, which teach everything from techniques to musical notes. Piano methodologies contain different techniques and learning methods, such as music, how-to-read music, the 12 major and 12 minor keys, music theory, and exercises to strengthen the fingers.


    • use an appropriate beginner’s piano methodology book, which includes whimsical pictures and music.

Miami Adult Piano Classes

  • use a hands-on approach while learning the music and techniques to better perform at the piano.

While still conducting a personalized lesson, Eric uses these methods to get down to the basics!

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