It is never too late to become a proficient musical mastermind. Knowing piano chords has always been one of the most highly sought-after musical talents. All it takes it getting the know the basics. Once you are there, you can be well on your way to creating your own musical genius. It can all be at your fingertips once you learn the few essential chords needed to enhance your talent. Mastering these chord progressions will help in your process to create your own original piano scores. And then who knows? If you think you might be the next Bach or Beethoven, contact Eric Gottlieb Piano Academy where we off private piano lessons in Miami, Florida!

Why You Need To Know These Chords

If you are a beginner pianist, chords may seem a bit daunting to you. Is it not enough just to learn the different notes? Well, unless you practice the same song over and over again, it is going to be difficult to remember where to place your fingers for every note. To speed up the process, you need to learn chords!

Depending on which pianist you talk to, they may give you a different answer as to what they consider the essential or must-know chords to create beautiful progressions. However, it is a standard that knowing these few chords will enable you to pick up on coordinating your left hand with your right more flawlessly. They will also help you to pick up on melodies more quickly. You can practice these at home, or you can speed up the process even more by contacting us for private piano lessons in Miami, Florida.

6 Must Know Piano Chords

This list below in comprised of simple beginner chords that will enable you to pick up on songs more quickly. While you are free to try to do this by looking at individual notes, knowing these chords will give you that flawless ability you have always dreamed of.

A Major Chord

This is a black key in your music sheet.

The A Major chord used A, C#, and E.

C Major Chord

This chord is made up of the notes C, E, and G.

Your pinky finger should be on the C note.

Your middle finger is on the E note.

And your thumb is on the G note.

Press them all at once and you have mastered the C Major chord! Great work! We are off to a good start.

D Major Chord

This one might be more challenging. It uses a black key. However, you will still be using your pinky, middle finger, and thumb for this chord.

D Major chord is made up the D, F#, and A keys.

E Major Chord

Again, we are going to be utilizing a black key by pressing down on the E, G#, and B notes with the pink, middle finger, and thumb.

F major Chord

Press down on F, A, and C notes in the same fashion as the others. See how easy this is getting?

G Major Chord

With your left hand, put your pinky on G, your middle finger on B, and your thumb on D.

With your right hand, put your pinky on D, your middle finger on B, and your thumb on C.

It’s getting a bit more challenging, but you’ve got this!

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