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Eric’s philosophy is simple, but learning how to read music is the foundation. By connecting the sensations of proper technique to experiences they have already had through sports and other activities, the execution becomes intuitive. By incorporating music kids already love and want to learn how to play (along with other lesson materials) students are inspired to try new skills and to believe in their own potential. Aventura families love Eric’s fun and engaging why of teaching piano.

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Some of her proudest moments are when students arrive at a lesson and surprise him by having learned something new on their own, confident in their ability to read notes and solve rhythms for pieces they may have never heard or played before. Other moments that give him a great sense of accomplishment are the ‘firsts’: when a student first plays with a steady beat, or by memory, shifts hand positions naturally, uses a key signature without a reminder, decodes a complicated tempo, plays an entire sonatina, improvises, uses two pedals or performs Chopin for the first time. All personal milestones for the students themselves to be proud of, they are also illustrative of his skill as a teacher, even as much as they are of his ability to inspire a love for playing, the instrument and for the sense of accomplishment they instill.

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