Some tasks and skills are learned best in groups, like sports games or cooking class. But in order to hone a talent and acquire a skill, a private instructor is key. Eric Gottlieb Piano Academy, Miami’s premier piano instructor, has the performance and teaching experience you want and need from an instructor. Do not take piano lessons from just any teacher. Work with Eric in order to grow and learn as a professional would. Stop searching for “Piano lessons near me.” Don’t take instruction from just any Miami teacher on the block. Invest in quality lessons from a seasoned professional. Private Piano lessons are key to becoming well-rounded piano player. With Eric Gottlieb as your guide, you can rest assured you are receiving superior instruction from an experienced musician.

Why Study Music?

Music is a universal language, an art form practiced around the world with proven therapeutic effects that calm the mind and body. Don’t believe me? Read this new study the brain benefits of studying music and learning to play an instrument. There is no questioning the therapeutic effects of music. Harness the power of this timeless art and skill by investing in private piano lessons. Stop you search for “piano lessons near me,” now–you have found the Miami instructor who will guide you step-by-step through mastering the keys. Whatever it is you want to play, be it a concerto or Billy Joel, Eric Gottlieb’s guidance will have you playing with ease. Patience and personalized instruction characterize his teaching methodology, leaving each student with a custom learning experience designed around their learning speed and learning goals.

Why Invest in Private Piano Lessons?

You might be wondering what private piano lessons have to offer when sites like YouTube offer tutorials for learning nearly everything. Private in person lessons can elevate your learning beyond what you’ll get by pausing and playing your way through an online video. In a private piano lesson with Miami’s Eric Gottlieb Piano Academy, will help you work through complicated musical concepts with patience and simplicity. As you learn, Eric is there for questions and queries. For each learner, Eric works at their unique pace. Work through a complex phrase or musical concept at your own speed with Eric at your side, giving you tips and tricks you won’t find with just any piano lessons near me or you. Become familiar with the keys with over-the-shoulder guidance, unlike the impersonal instruction from a video or screen. Learn how to put yourself into your music and play with passion and technique.


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If you have been dreaming of wowing your friends and family with a moving rendition of “Rhaposody in Blue,” look no further than private piano lessons with Eric Gottlieb in Miami. Contact Eric today at (305)-308-6962 or write him at Do not wait to take your piano skills to the next level. Master your craft by the holidays and have your family singing songs over your shoulder as you master the keys.

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