Learning the piano can be such a beneficial activity to take on. Eric Gottlieb Piano Academy in Miami knows that the earlier that you search “piano lessons near me,” whether it is for yourself or your child, the sooner you can see results. Piano, however, is not something that can be learned overnight. The first step is to learn the terminology so that you can feel knowledgeable going into your first lesson. If you are interested in learning more about our services and seeing how you could learn piano today, contact us at Eric Gottlieb Piano Academy.

Terminology for the Beginner

The first thing to know is that piano is not just a name for the instrument that you want to play. It is also an instruction for playing the actual material. That is, pieces can often ask the musician to play a particular piano. When the text does this, it is asking the musician to play the piece softly. Another instruction that actually means the opposite of piano is forte. This asks the musician to play the piece loudly. Sometimes, the two terms are combined to make pianoforte. Occasionally, mezzo is added to indicate that it should only be done halfway. This is because mezzo means half. Therefore, forte could turn into mezzo forte.

Here is a list of other piano terms that you could learn by taking a proper lesson with an expert:

  • Staccato: This means to play the music in a shortened and choppy form. Usually, the notes are played rather quickly and can mimic the sharp sound of a raindrop.
  • Crescendo: This term means to increase in volume. Typically, a crescendo is a dramatic part of a piece, and the crescendo draws attention to that moment in the piece.
  • Accelerando: This is similar to a crescendo, but instead of gradually getting louder, you gradually get faster.
  • Grave: This direction asks the musician to play the piece slowly and seriously. This is typically done for more somber pieces, and it is reflected in the actual word for it: grave.

Searching “Piano Lessons Near Me”?

If you are searching for a place to begin your journey towards mastering the piano, we can help. We know the value of learning all aspects of the piano, and we make sure our instruction is informative and understandable. We create excellence in our learners every time by providing our students with the highest quality instruction. If you would like to learn more about how we set ourselves apart, contact us at Eric Gottlieb Piano Academy.

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If you have been searching “piano lessons near me” and you are tired of getting results that are less than desirable, opt for a piano instructor with years of experience and a commitment to his students. Eric Gottlieb Piano Academy, located in Miami, knows how to bring out the best in our students and we can give them the opportunities they cannot get anywhere else. Are you interested in learning more? Contact us at Eric Gottlieb Piano Academy.

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