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  • Darrius Simmons, of Warren, Ohio, was born with three fingers on his right hand and one on the left; he first started playing the piano as a child 
  • He has never received any formal music training but taught himself how to play 
  • Now, the talented teen plays for several high school bands and for various events
  • In 2016, he made his Carnegie Hall debut after South Korean pianist Yiruma spotted some of Darrius’ videos online and invited him to play with him
  • Videos of Darrius playing the piano have racked up tens of thousands of views
  • Darrius has said playing the piano isn’t ‘that difficult’ for him, and his mother has said having four fingers never kept him from playing

A 17-year-old musician who was born with only four fingers yet plays the piano with such skill he has already made his Carnegie Hall debut.

Darrius Simmons, of Warren, Ohio, has three fingers on his right hand and one on the left, and was also born without any bones below his knees.

He first started playing the piano after being introduced to the instrument when he was a child — Darrius kept practicing, allowing his skills to blossom.

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