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Patient, caring piano teacher of Eric Gottlieb Piano Academy with 24 years’ experience teaching ages: 7-87. Excellent motivator – I got each student to do their best. I developed a lesson plan that suited every individual’s needs and goals. I encouraged each student to play the piano in the end of semester recital.


  • customized piano lessons for each student.
  • lesson plan development
  • customized performance assessment
  • integrating appropriate music theory
  • scales and exercises to help strengthen fingers
  • music history for each composer to give importance of his/her place in music history
  • coaching chamber music
  • lectures on important composers
  • performing new solo and chamber works especially written now within Eric Gottlieb Piano Academy


  • Private piano teacher at Bronx House School of Music. Bronx, NY 1993-1996
    • Customized private piano lessons for all ages.
    • to get each student to play their best at the piano
    • Select gifted students to audition and play the piano on Bronx Cable TV
    • to motivate every student to perform at the end of semester recital
  • Private piano teacher for all ages at the Educational Alliance NYC, NY 1997-2002
    • Taught students of all ages and motivated them to play for the recital at end of the semester in Fall & Spring.


1989-2001 – Performed solo and new Chamber pieces with the NYU Contemporary Music Ensemble as well as various noted musicians and composers. Composers such as Mexico’s Alejandro Esquer (director of woodwind studies at the National School of Music Coyoacan, Mexico.  We performed at such venues such as: Merkin Concert Hall; Carnegie Recital Hall; Trinity Church Concert Series; Steinway Hall; Mostly Women Composers Festival; Queens College & NYU.

1990-1994 – Touring with the NYU Contemporary Music Ensemble at various college campuses across the Northeast.

1994 – Lincoln Theater Miami Beach, FL. Solo piano onstage with dancers of Juegos del Arts Dance Ensemble.

1995 – Bass Museum Miami Beach, FL. Performing new classical solo and chamber pieces.

2002-2017 –   In 2002 I moved to Miami Beach, FL to take care of mom dying of pancreatic cancer. Stayed for thirteen years and took care of father till he was 90. Opened piano studio to teach students all ages in Miami Beach, FL

2014 – Performed solo recital at the BakeHouse in Wynwood for: Foundation for Emerging Technologies and Arts (FETA). Performed solo piano works by Cage & Messiaen and invited two dancers on stage to dance to one piece I played.

2014-2017 –  Founded Inlets Ensemble for Experimental Practices. Ensemble performs new works that are being written now. Inlets Ensemble has performed for the Subtropics Festival (under the direction of Gustavo Matamoros) at various concerts of new music 2014-2017.

Listening Club lectures that I gave in 2016-2017.

Co-produced movie by local film maker Juan Carlos Zaldivar: Alterations (premiered 2017 at the Miami Film Festival).


1983-1987 Earned BFA in classical performance at the piano at SUNY College at Purchase, NY.

1989-1993 Graduate music studies with Dr. Gregory Haimovsky at NYU (director of graduate piano studies).

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