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Welcome to the Eric Gottlieb-Vazquez Piano Academy website, the starting point for children who want to begin their journey into the world of piano playing.  As a leading figure in the fine arts field, Eric Gottlieb-Vasquez is a trained classical pianist with over 25 years of experience teaching piano lessons for kids in Coconut Grove ages 6 and up.  At his academy, your child/children will be able to acquire the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to learn, explore, and enjoy, their musical journey.

About Eric Gottlieb-Vasquez

Mr. Gottlieb-Vasquez has oftentimes been referred to as “the Miami piano instructor that parents and children love.”  Originally from Larchmont, NY, the choir director/organist of his church began mentoring him when he was 6 years old.  Over the course of time, he has studied with some of the most renowned pianists in the world.  In 1987, he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and went on to further his studies at NYU, under the tutelage of Dr. Gregory Haimovsky.

Seven years later, he began his teaching career at the Bronx House School of Music, then moved on to The Educational Alliance of NYC three years later.  Eric moved to Miami Beach in 2002 to further his career as a performer and a teacher.  He moved to the North Miami suburb of El Portal in 2016 and now teaches Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and other classical masters in his piano classes in Coconut Grove.  His goal is to share his experience, expertise, and passion for classical piano with his young students.

Learn to Play the Piano with Private Lessons

At the Eric Gottlieb-Vazquez Piano Academy, children ages 6+ can start learning today.  However, private piano lessons in Coconut Grove are available for all ages.  Eric Gottlieb-Vasquez is an encouraging yet patient instructor who believes that learning to play piano should be enjoyable.  Your child can learn to play on an acoustic piano or an electric, touch-sensitive keyboard that has at least 44 keys.

Believe it or not, learning to play piano is not as costly as you might think.  Furthermore, he teaches piano lessons for kids in Coconut Grove at his El Portal studio or, if you live within a 15-mile radius from his home studio, he will come to you.  Unlike some schools that charge the full amount for lessons up front, Eric will let you pay as you go and will accept personal checks as well as cash.

What Does My Child Need to Start Learning the Piano?

An acoustical piano or a touch-sensitive keyboard with a minimum of 44 keys is the best instrument to learn on.  From the very first lesson, the Eric Gottlieb-Vazquez Piano Academy will customize a personal learning program that is tailored to the needs of the student and is based on the student’s:

  • developmental stage
  • individual learning styles
  • musical goals
  • unique abilities

While we understand that many families have budget constraints to be concerned with, reasonably priced electric touch-sensitive keyboards are available at Amazon,com, the Facebook Marketplace, and the smartphone app, OfferUp. is also a great source for piano books.  Space Music is a good store to shop for an electric keyboard while Victor Piano and Organ is the best place to purchase a piano.  Both stores are located in Miami.

For more information about the premier piano teacher in Coconut Grove, contact the Eric Gottlieb-Vazquez Piano Academy at your earliest convenience.

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25 Years of Piano Expertise:

Piano Lessons MiamiIn 1994, Eric Gottlieb-Vazquez began teaching the piano at Bronx House School of Music. During his studies, he adapted the ability to teach all ages. Over the years, Eric has gained over 25 years of piano instructing experience. By the turn of the century, he moved on to teach at The Educational Alliance in New York City, where he worked with various students. He encouraged them to perform in group recitals throughout the year. Today, Eric resides in Miami and continues to follow his passion for piano instruction. Learn more here.

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