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Eric takes the federal and state regulations regarding Covid-19 seriously. Below are the safety measures that he is taking during his lessons:

  • Mask is worn at all times, teacher, student, and parent.
  • Hands are washed before and after lessons.
  • Piano is sanitized before use
  • Piano is sanitized after use
  • Hand sanitizer is used by both the teacher and the student throughout the lesson
  • Classes can be provided via Zoom

Piano Lessons & Classes North Miami area and Online

Start learning to play piano today, no matter your age, with private lessons from Eric Gottlieb-Vazquez Piano Academy. Whether you want to introduce your child to the world of music or you’re an adult looking to explore a new hobby, our personalized lessons give you the knowledge and confidence you need to explore your musical passions.

Embrace a Love of Music With Piano Lessons for All Ages

Looking to develop your love of music? Want to instill a passion for creativity in your child or teen? Eric Gottlieb-Vazquez Piano Academy offers private in-person and online piano lessons for kids, teens and adults. Our personalized approach to teaching piano delivers extraordinary results, whether you’re a complete beginner or you already have some experience playing the piano. You’ll learn from a patient teacher and get the benefit of individualized lessons that help you develop your skill.
If you’re a parent looking for a productive and challenging yet fun pastime for your kids or teens, piano is an excellent choice. Our piano classes for kids introduce basic concepts, teaching kids over 6 how to read music, introductory playing techniques and much more. As your child enters the teenage years, we support them on their musical journey by teaching advanced playing techniques and music theory. We know that kids have to want to learn to play piano, and we provide constant encouragement and a fun, relaxed environment for learning and self-expression.
We also offer piano lessons for adults. It’s never too late to explore your passion for music, and many adults find learning piano is a relaxing way to stimulate the mind and even your muscles. Playing piano keeps your mind active as you age, and we aim to provide a supportive, creative outlet that helps you achieve your musical goals.

We Are Here to Support Your Musical Journey

If you’ve been wondering when the right time is to learn to play piano, the answer is any time! Regardless of your age, there are incredible cognitive and physical benefits you’ll experience when playing piano. We’re here to support you on your learning journey, one note, chord and arpeggio at a time.


Acoustic and Electric

We teach both acoustic piano and touch-sensitive electric keyboard (over 44 keys).


Safety First

We follow all federal and state regulations regarding COVID-19.


In Person Lessons

We offer in-person lessons to students across North Miami, within a 15-mile radius.


Referral Program

We have a generous referral program in place with discounts for all referrals.


First Rate Instructor

We’re the Winner for the 2021 Miami Awards in the category of Piano Instructor.

Start Your Musical Journey Today

Eric Gottlieb-Vazquez Piano Academy provides personalized piano instruction for kids, teens and adults. We make learning productive and fun! Contact us today for lesson information. Providing the best in piano lessons for kids, teens and adults in Miami, El Portal Florida and: Miami Shores, FL | North Miami, FL | Miami Beach, FL | Fisher Island, FL | Coconut Grove, FL | Coral Gables, FL | Shenandoah, FL | Silver Bluff, FL | The Roads, FL

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